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  • Parenting Podcast Coming Soon

    Are you looking for biblical and practical advice to help reach past your child’s outward behavior and address the issues of the heart? Would you like to see your children obey and do what’s right out of a love for God, rather than just a fear of punishment?

    Then I’d like to invite you to join Katy Morgan and me every Monday beginning February 1 for our new Parenting with Ginger Hubbard podcast!

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, Friend! I’m so excited to partner with three of my sweet friends to bring in the New Year with a fantastic GIVEAWAY! We want to ble...
  • What If…

    If you’re like me, it’s a struggle to not be fearful over health risks and finances as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread with no cure in sight. What if someone I love gets sick? What if my income continues to dwindle? What if it gets to the point that I can’t even pay my bills?
  • Are Your Kids Misbehaving?

    Children misbehave because they are sinners (like us) in need of a Savior. However, fear and anxiety can definitely contribute to escalated behavior problems in children. Kids are hearing about the scary things happening in our world right now and, more than likely, sensing the stress of their parents. So, if your children are acting out in ways they normally don’t, I encourage you to talk with them and ask some questions to see if fear and anxiety might be driving their behavior. Let them know that yes, there are some scary things going on right now, but we can
  • FamilyLife Today Interviews

    In case you were unable to tune in to FamilyLife Today, here are two recent interviews I did with them. What’s With All the Whining? FamilyLife Today with guest Ginger Hubbard | May 8, 2019 Do your children whine? If so, then maybe author Ginger Hubbard can help! As a mother of two, she knows a thing or two about whining and shares a few “how to’s” to nip it in the bud. Ginger pulls examples from her own experience, and reminds parents that until you reach a child’s heart, their behavior isn’t likely to change. To help a child consider his
  • March 2019 Focus On the Family Interview

    If you missed my interview on FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, here’s a link where you can watch it. Jim Daily and I had a great conversation about “Taming Your Child’s Tongue” based on the content of my book, I Can’t Believe You Just Said That!
  • Ask Ginger #2 – When Kids are Picky Eaters

    Natasha in Arkansas writes, “My child is such a picky eater. Unless it’s a food she likes, pretty much every meal is a battle. We try to eat dinner together as a family most nights, but it typically winds up being a power struggle that doesn’t make for a pleasant time around the table. Do you have any suggestions?”
  • Ask Ginger #3 –When Kids Interrupt

    Melanie in South Carolina writes “My daughter constantly interrupts me when I’m talking with other people. I’ve told her she needs to wait until I’m finished talking instead of interrupting, but she keeps doing it anyway. How can I help her understand that interrupting is rude?
  • Ask Ginger #1 – How to Handle Discipline Issues When Your Child is Sick or Tired

    Welcome to the very first “Ask Ginger” episode. I’m super excited about this new facet of ministering to parents with biblical and practical encouragement for specific struggles they are facing with their children. If you have a parenting question you would like answered, go to  Be sure to tell your friends so they can be encouraged, too! Elizabeth in Alabama asked, “How do you handle your children differently in terms of discipline when it comes to them being sick or tired, if at all? My two-year-old slept horribly last night and I know her behavior issues today stemmed from
  • Ask Ginger #4 – When Kids Throw Tantrums

    Debra in MI writes, “I have a two-year-old son who throws a tantrum whenever my husband and I tell him “no” to something he wants or when we tell him to do something he doesn’t want to do. Also, because he throws fits on a regular basis, my husband and I both find it hard to not lose our temper because we stay so frustrated. So, what do you do when you instruct your two-year-old and rather than obeying, he throws a temper tantrum?
  • Girl’s Weekend Gone Bad

    Three rules for girl’s weekend at the lake: No makeup, no dieting, and no doing anything productive. It’s heavenly. Every winter my friend Lisa and I look forward to an annual trip to the lake where we relax by a fire, enjoy great meals prepared and frozen weeks in advance, watch movies, and devour a suspense novel. The meals, movies, and books vary, but the one absolute is the cozy ambiance of a crackling fire. It just sets the mood for our well-deserved weekend of laziness. We unloaded the car, stocked the fridge, and changed into old sweat pants, over-sized
  • The Heart of Hospitality – Part 2

    One of the main differences between entertainment and hospitality is entertainment focuses on things (condition of house, food, convenience, etc.), while hospitality focuses on people. Hospitality is not so much an act as it is an attitude of otherness. Here are some defining differences of attitude between the two: Entertaining says, “We can’t have the pastor’s family over tonight!  I didn’t cook. I had just planned on having grilled cheese sandwiches and soup!” Hospitality says, “Let’s have the pastor’s family over for grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. We haven’t fellowshipped with them in a while.” ———————————— Entertaining says, “I’ll start