Parenting with Ginger Hubbard Podcast

To encourage and equip you to reach beyond outward behavior, address issues of the heart, and point your children to the transformational power of Christ.

  • Episode 151 | Establishing Christmas Traditions

    Would you like to see your family more excited about the birth of Jesus this Christmas season? Are you looking for new and creative ways to teach your kids about the true meaning of Christmas? Join Katy and me as we share some fun ideas and traditions that you all recommend to get into the Christmas spirit and keep Christ at the center of your celebrations.
  • Episode 150 | Personal Conviction vs. Biblical Commands with Jamie Erickson

    Are you unsure how to respond when some Christians are strongly convicted on an issue while others aren’t? Ever wonder how to explain the difference in personal convictions and biblical commands to your children? Join Katy and me along with special guest, Jamie Erickson, as we discuss how we can respond to our personal convictions and choose to take different stances on secondary issues while still showing love to our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Episode 149 | A Heart of Gratitude

    Do your kids show more attitude than gratitude? Are you looking for ways to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness in your kids? Join Katy and me as we discuss the importance of training up and guiding thankful hearts and how we can encourage our children to live out biblical gratitude.
  • Episode 148 | Teaching Kids Life Skills with Sonya Shafer

    Have you started teaching your kids how to do the dishes, set the table, or help with the laundry? Ever considered the importance of showing your children how to plan out a grocery list and prep meals for the family? Join Katy and me along with special guest, Sonya Shafer, as we discuss the importance of equipping our children with life skills now and how they can use that to minister to your current family, their future households, and others who are in need.
  • Episode 147 | Holidays with Difficult Relatives

    Does spending the holidays with difficult relatives have you in knots? Are you anxious and stressed out just thinking about everyone being in the same house all at once? Join Katy and me as we discuss how we can interact in ways that show love and respect for your relatives, honor Christ, and share His love this holiday season.
  • Episode 146 |A Biblical Look at Psychiatric Diagnoses with Ed Welch

    Do you panic a little when you recognize yourself or your children in descriptions like “OCD,” “bipolar disorder,” or “ADHD”? Have you or your child been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder and you’d like to understand if or how it correlates with a spiritual problem? Join Katy and me, along with special guest Ed Welch, as we discuss how we can turn to Scripture for guidance on how to navigate and understand the spiritual implications of a psychiatric diagnosis.
  • Episode 145 |Overcoming Mom Guilt

    Do you struggle with condemnation every time you blow it with your kids? Do you wish you could stop dwelling on every little mistake, let go of guilt, and just enjoy being a mom? Join Katy and me as we discuss why the comparison trap is so dangerous in our role as Christian parents and how we can strive to live more fully in Christ so that His righteousness comes forth in our lives.
  • Episode 144 | Ask Ginger: Helping Kids Develop Confidence without Pride

    Ever wonder how to teach your kids humility without destroying their confidence? How do you balance wanting the house to be neat and tidy versus spending quality time engaging in play with the kids? Join Ginger Hubbard and Katy Morgan for another edition of  “Ask Ginger” as they discuss how we can teach our kids to give God the glory in all the ways He’s gifted them and how we can set aside our own agendas to nurture our relationships with our children.
  • Episode 143 | The Curse of Words with J. Josh Smith

    Do you remember something negative that was said to you or about you when you were a child? Do you ever wonder if the words you say to your own children might have that same effect when they’re grown? Join Katy and me, along with special guest J. Josh Smith, as we discuss the importance of taming our tongues to avoid this curse of words and how we can help our children identify themselves in light of God’s Word.
  • Episode 142 |Protecting Kids from Pornography

    Are you looking for ways to shield the minds, hearts, and souls of your children from the damaging and destructive effects of pornography? Would you like insights on how to equip them with the tools they need to be able to quickly recognize and rightly respond to pornographic images without robbing them of their innocence? Join Katy and me as we discuss practical ways we can protect our kids from pornography and how we can help our children who have already been exposed to it, whether accidentally or intentionally.
  • Episode 141 | When Kids Bicker

    Is constant arguing between your kids driving you up the wall? Have you ever asked yourself, “Is yelling at my kids the best way to get them to stop yelling at each other?” Join Katy and me as we discuss what’s at the root of bickering and how we can teach our children to “put off” pride and selfishness and “put on” the pursuit of peace.
  • Episode 140 | Raising Godly Girls with Yvette Hampton

    Would you like some encouragement on how to raise godly girls in a spiritually and morally declining culture? Could you use a little practical advice to help shape the next generation of women to be emotionally healthy and strong in their faith? Join Katy and me, along with special guest Yvette Hampton, as we discuss how we can be intentional about raising godly girls and the importance of pointing them to Jesus in all we do.