Parenting with Ginger Hubbard Podcast

To encourage and equip you to reach beyond outward behavior, address issues of the heart, and point your children to the transformational power of Christ.

  • Episode 140 | Raising Godly Girls with Yvette Hampton

    Would you like some encouragement on how to raise godly girls in a spiritually and morally declining culture? Could you use a little practical advice to help shape the next generation of women to be emotionally healthy and strong in their faith? Join Katy and me, along with special guest Yvette Hampton, as we discuss how we can be intentional about raising godly girls and the importance of pointing them to Jesus in all we do.
  • Episode 139 | Ask Ginger: When Kids Masturbate

    Are you unsure how to react when your kids touch their private areas while out in public? Would you like to know what the Bible says about masturbation and how we should respond to kids’ natural curiosity about their bodies? Join Katy and me for another edition of "Ask Ginger" as we discuss how to point our children to the Holy Spirit to take captive lustful thoughts, live self-controlled lives, and be lovers of God more than lovers of pleasure.
  • Episode 138 | Ask Ginger: Whining, Disobeying, and Sibling Jealousy

    How do you respond when your little one seems to answer everything with a whine? Is your toddler acting out because of the transition from baby to big brother or sister? Join Katy and me for another edition of Ask Ginger as we talk about how we can teach our kids to obey all the way, right away, and with a happy heart and how we can have joyful hearts even when we might be exhausted!
  • Episode 137 |Home and Hospitality with Jamie Erickson

    Do you long for home to be a place of renewal and rest where family is nurtured and friendships are fostered? Would you like to create a warm and inviting space for people to gather and the gospel to grow? Join Katy and me, along with special guest Jamie Erickson, as we discuss how we can be intentional about opening our homes to others and why hospitality should be at the heart of our homemaking.
  • Episode 136 | Ask Ginger: Administering Consequences vs. Granting Mercy and Grace

    Are you confused about when to administer consequences and when to grant mercy and grace when your little ones disobey? Are you curious about what Scripture says when it comes to the “why, when, and how” of discipline? Join Ginger Hubbard and Katy Morgan for another edition of “Ask Ginger” as they talk about how we can seek the Lord’s guidance and wisdom when it comes to disciplining and instructing our children when they disobey.
  • Episode 135 | Resolving Sibling Conflict

    Are your kids constantly arguing and bickering? Does it seem to be their life mission to aggravate and push one another’s buttons? Join Katy and me as we talk about how we can give our kids the tools they need for resolving conflict in ways that honor God and show love, kindness, and consideration for others.
  • Episode 134 | Building News Literacy in Our Kids with Kelsey Reed

    Are you concerned that exposing your kids to the news might evoke confusion and fear in their hearts? Do you avoid discussing what’s going on in the world as a means to protect your kids from evil? Join Katy and me, along with special guest Kelsey Reed, as we discuss how we can help our kids navigate spiritually and culturally challenging situations presented in the news and how we can see God working through it all.
  • Episode 133 | Protecting Kids from Sexual Abuse

    Are you unsure how to equip your kids to protect themselves from sexual abuse? Would you like practical advice on teaching them about inappropriate touch without robbing them of their innocence or instilling fear? Join Katy and me as we discuss how parents can help children recognize the warning signs of sexual predators and how to respond wisely.
  • Episode 132 | Teaching Kids Safety without Fear

    Would your child know what to do if they got separated from you or a stranger approached when you were not around? Is your child so prone to fear that you’re concerned talking to them about such things would only escalate their anxieties? Join Katy and me as we discuss how we can equip our children spiritually to be able to respond in potentially dangerous situations without instilling fear.
  • Episode 131 | Talking So Children Will Listen

    Do you ever get the feeling that your child isn’t paying attention to anything you say? Do you ever pour your heart out only to hear, “What did you say?” Join Katy and me for another edition of “Ask Ginger” (also known as “Q & A Day”) as we discuss what the Bible says about effective communication and what we can do to ensure that we’re talking in a way that encourages our children to listen.
  • Episode 130 | Anxiety and Depression in Children with Ed Welch

    Do you have a child who struggles with anxiety and you aren’t sure how to help? Are you seeing warning signs that your child might be depressed and you’re concerned for their physical, social, and spiritual well-being? Join Katy and me, along with special guest Ed Welch, as we discuss what depression and anxiety actually look like in kids and how we can help them when they have trouble verbalizing their feelings.
  • Episode 129 | How to Discipline Children Biblically

    Do you desire to obey all that God has commanded you to do when it comes to disciplining your children, but you aren’t sure how? When you do administer discipline, are you concerned that you might not be doing it the right way? Join Katy and me as we discuss guidelines for how to discipline and the importance of taking children to Scripture for both the consequences and promises of God.