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To encourage and equip you to reach beyond outward behavior, address issues of the heart, and point your children to the transformational power of Christ.

  • New children's book series - Part 2!

    Last week I emailed you guys a preview for book one (about whining) in my new children’s series co-authored with my friend, Al Roland. I hope you enjoyed it! Today I’d like to tell you about book two (about lying) and offer a preview of that one.
  • New children's book series!

    I am so excited to tell you guys about a new children’s book series I've coauthored with my friend, Al Roland. Books one and two release on January 24, but my publisher is offering previews, so I wanted to share them with you. I'll tell you about book one (on the topic of whining) in this email, then I'll send another email next week with a preview for book two (on the topic of lying).
  • The Bread of Life

    Meet Charlie. His wings are too short to fly far, so when the other geese take flight for warmer weather, he hangs around Lake Martin for fall and winter seasons. Alone. When I first met Charlie, he was being bullied by a flock of geese. I threw out bread, but Charlie couldn’t pick it up as fast as the others because he is missing his lower beak. Because he has no lower beak, his tongue hangs out, making him look odd. To his fellow geese, Charlie is the real deal ugly duckling. But he is beautiful to me. After seasons
  • At Least You Have Pants

    Priorities, priorities. I don’t always have mine in order. Once the construction of our new covered porch was complete, all obligations and responsibilities went out the window. I had spent weeks thrift store shopping for unique treasures to hang and cozy furniture to arrange. The hammering was over, the tools put away, the debris was cleared, and the workers were gone. My time had come. While I needed to be preparing for a presentation I was to give at an out of town lady’s luncheon and packing for the overnight stay, all I could think about was organizing and decorating