Episode 086 | Obedience and Special Needs Kids with Sonya Shafer

Do you desire to parent your children in a Biblical way but wonder what that looks like for a child with special needs? Could you use some practical wisdom and encouragement from a mama who truly understands your unique challenges? Join Katy and me along with special guest, Sonya Shafer, as we discuss questions we can ask ourselves in order to avoid making incorrect assumptions about any of our children.

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Episode 086 | Obedience and Special Needs Kids with Sonya Shafer: We have to be careful about assuming disobedience or a rebellious heart, but we also have to be careful that we’re not underestimating what our children are capable of. Ask the Lord to give you discernment and wisdom for extending grace when it’s not disobedience as well as guidance for how to lovingly address things when it is disobedience. Take a look at any past mistakes you’ve made, learn from them, and move forward with your eyes fixed on Jesus. You move toward what you focus on, so focus on Christ!

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