Parenting Podcast Launch Day

It’s launch day for the Parenting with Ginger Hubbard podcast, and I couldn’t be more excited! 

Are you looking for biblical and practical advice to help reach past your child’s outward behavior and address the issues of the heart? Would you like to see your children obey and do what’s right out of a love for God, rather than just a fear of punishment? Do you sometimes feel like your children have trained you more than you’ve trained them? 

Then this is the podcast for you!

We launched 3 episodes today, and we would love for you to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts so that we can journey with you every week in the high calling of parenting.

Here’s a little info about our first three episodes:

Podcast Trailer:  Listen to our 3-minute trailer to find out what kind of biblical and practical encouragement you can expect from us each week.  

How It All Began (Part 1):   Before we dive into specific parenting issues, we thought it might be a good idea for you guys to know a little about Katy and me, some of the hard (and even life-altering) struggles we’ve both faced in our own families, and the graciousness of God to see us through some really difficult seasons of life.

In our very first episode, I share the really fun story of how I got into speaking and writing in the first place (over 20 years ago), and the events that led up to me stepping down from public ministry in 2009 after a devastating divorce. I’ll also tell how, after a 7-year sabbatical of putting the pieces of my life back together, God restored the years the locusts ate and opened the doors for me to minister to parents once again through speaking and writing. 

How It All Began (Part 2): Get to know my friend Katy Morgan, the host of our podcast, as she shares her story of God’s redemption, restoration, and grace in her marriage. Katy is the real deal, and I know you guys are going to love her as much as I do. She’s transparent, warm, funny, and the list goes on and on. 

You’ll also hear how Katy and I met and wound up doing a podcast together, and get a sneak preview of upcoming episodes for practical parenting from a biblical perspective.

Would you help us get the word out?

We would be so very appreciative if you’d subscribe to our podcast, and leave us a rating or review as that will enable us to encourage lots more parents to reach the hearts of their children. Another great way to spread the word is to forward this email and/or share our posts about the podcast on social media. I would love to connect with you on Instagram @ginger.hubbard and Facebook @OfficialGingerHubbard.

We can’t wait to encourage you every week to reach the hearts of your children for the glory of God!