Episode 038 | When Kids Don't Wanna

Are you tired of listening to all the things your children don't wanna do? From schoolwork to staying in bed at night, do your kids give you a list of things that just don’t seem to be on their agenda for the day? Join Katy and me for another edition of “Ask Ginger” (also known as “Q & A Day”) as we discuss the importance of evaluating and considering the reason why your kids “don’t wanna.”

We have a brand new episode of the Parenting with Ginger Hubbard podcast available today. Here’s a little more about what you can expect:

Episode 038 | When Kids Don't WannaIf a child doesn’t wanna do something that we know is best and safe, then we wanna do whatever it takes to make them wanna. On the flip side, if your child has a valid reason why he or she doesn’t wanna, you might consider changing course. When it comes to an “I don’t wanna” with schoolwork, it may be as easy as taking a moment to breathe and letting your child enjoy learning at his or her own pace. If it’s a don’t wanna such as going to bed and staying in bed, you may want to try something like a sleep sack that keeps your child protected.

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