Episode 024 | Whining and Disobeying

Have you tried everything you know to get your children to stop whining and disobeying but nothing seems to be working? Do you struggle with how to explain concepts like self-control to your two or three year old? Join Katy and me for the first episode in our month-long Q & A Day series as we take a look at how to address whining and disobedience and the importance of training our children to communicate the right way.

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Episode 024 | Whining and Disobeying: We have to set a standard of self-control. Giving into a whining child only reinforces that wrong behavior . When you’re dealing with an issue of disrespect or defiance, you not only want to administer consequences but also walk your child through how he/she should have responded, or how to replace what is wrong with what is right. Be confident that the Lord will lead you and help you tailor your child training methods to what’s best for your child. 

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