Is It Possible To Live Guilt Free?

Is It Possible To Live Guilt Free?

For so long in my life, I struggled with trying to be a good Christian. Inevitably, I would blow it on a daily basis then proceed to beat myself up spiritually and emotionally.

In setting my standards high for being what I perceived the perfect wife and mom, I chose the woman described in Proverbs 31 as my role model. On one particular morning, I remember reading about her and making unfavorable comparisons. She got up before it was still dark. I had rolled out of bed around 8:30 am. She was well dressed in fine linen and purple. I was in a baggy, terrycloth robe with my hair pulled up in an orange chip clip. She held the distaff while grasping the spindle with her fingers (not sure what those things are, but I am certain they contributed to her noble character). I held the dust buster to the crumbs on my bed sheets while grasping the empty bag of Doritos. She provided good food for her family and was always on top of things. I offered a choice of Burger King or McDonalds and felt the weight of my unaccomplished to-do list crashing down on me.

In comparison, I did not measure up. I felt anxious, defeated and disappointed in myself.

I wanted to be the wife who was always cheerful, never irritable, and only said words that edified, encouraged and built up. I wanted to be the mom who never lost it and only spoke with kindness, wisdom and faithful instruction. But, as hard as I tried, I always wound up blowing it in some way.

I just could not achieve the “good Christian” status I desired.

Through prayer and studying God’s Word, I began to realize that no matter how hard I tried, I would never achieve being the perfect Christian. I learned that the battle of victorious Christian living could not be won by sheer willpower or by teeth-gritting determination, but by tucking myself underneath the full armor of God and trusting that God is not only fighting for me, but He has already won the battle.

In measuring our self-worth in accordance with our own performances, we not only become anxious, but we miss out on experiencing the peace and rest of who we truly are in Christ.

Our worth is not based on what we do or do not do. It is not based on our successes and failures. It is not even based on whether we sin a little or sin a lot.

Our worth is based solely on Christ and the atoning work He has done on our behalf. We are His children, purchased at a price, forgiven and fully redeemed.

Embracing this wonderful truth brings about freedom. It is the freedom to forget about ourselves and lay down our measuring rods of self-worth and ongoing scrutiny. It is the freedom to release the suffocating anxiety our weaknesses cause, and instead take hold of God’s grace given to us through the cross.

Join me today in letting go of performance-based worth and self-imposed expectations. May we purpose to rest in the victory Christ has already won and truly experience the rich and satisfying joy of Guiltless Living!

This post originally appeared as a guest post on I am thankful to my friend, Glynnis, for allowing me the honor of encouraging her readers.

  1. I have often wondered why I seem to have so much guilt. I know sometimes it’s unconfessed sin… but it seems to be the overwhelming word to descirbe my days. I “know” God’s love for me isn’t based on my performance yet there’s this ongoing script in my head about all the things I failed to do or didn’t do right, or did do that I shouldn’t.

  2. These words resonate in my soul; how many times I have felt the same! Always trying to live up to the impossible expectations I set for myself and falling short on a daily basis. Perceived inadequacies paralyzing me from accomplishing simple goals, never feeling worthy of God’s grace. I can’t seem to move this message from my head to my heart! Thank you for your honest words; it helps me to get to the root of so many other issues that stem from guilt. God bless you on your mission to help sisters in Christ through your own experiences!

  3. Hope you do not mind that I used a quote from you on my blog today!

    I loved this post. Found it in my inbox on gmail via Girlfriends in God. Thanks for the encouraging words!


  4. same here! i also found your post in gmail via girl friends in God 🙂 I’m so blessed! shared this article on my fb to spread His encouraging words through you ^_^ More blessings Ginger Hubbard! looking forward to follow your posts and encouragements 🙂


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