What you need to prepare ahead of time for Mom's Night Out

  • Someone to open in prayer and lead 2 or 3 worship songs at beginning
  • Print & cut all four bingo cards (Bingo Card 1 & 2, Bingo Card 3 & 4). Be sure to shuffle before handing out to each mom (there are 4 different cards)
  • Pens or pencils
  • 12-15 door prizes. Ideas include: gift cards, items donated from local restaurants or retail stores, donations from vendors which can be collected in the exhibit hall before the event. Most vendors are happy to donate door prizes because it’s free advertising for them. I can donate a few of my resources if needed.
  • Wireless mic and podium or music stand for me
  • Extra handheld wireless mic. I will host all interactive ice-breaker games and facilitate door prize giveaways to the winners, but I need someone to assist by taking handheld mic around to attendees
  • Table upfront near the podium displaying door prizes
  • Bite-sized chocolates (optional)
  • Room set up: Round tables are helpful and preferred, but for larger groups auditorium style seating is fine