On a Personal Note

Dear Friends,

In 2009, I announced that I was taking an indefinite sabbatical from public ministry. My explanation was vague, but my sorrow was vivid. I know that many of you have questions and wonder what happened, and yet I also know that you have been faithful to pray for my family and me in the absence of details. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your prayers.

As God re-opened doors for me to return to ministry, I began receiving numerous emails inquiring about my name change. I respect and appreciate these inquiries as Scripture urges believers to examine everything carefully (I Thessalonians 5:21-22), to be discerning between truth and error, right and wrong (Romans 12:2), and to test and approve biblical teaching (1 John 4:1). Therefore, it is with a grateful and humble heart that I offer you a clear explanation without unbeneficial details.

After eighteen years of marriage, shocking truths were brought to my attention in January of 2009. God revealed that my husband had been living a complete double life. There was a pattern of adultery, deceit, and unspeakably harmful actions that were brought to light. My heart was shattered into a million pieces and my life completely unraveled. I immediately stepped down from public ministry and came under the authority of my dad and also my pastor.

After an emotionally painful year of acceptance and grieving, I submitted to godly counsel and our marriage ended. Thankfully, our gracious God brought light into darkness, and has continued the journey of healing in our hearts.

The first two years were spent putting the pieces of my life back together. Then God brought Ronnie Hubbard and his two sons into our lives. I married Ronnie on April 23, 2011. We chose Easter weekend for our wedding as it represented new life and new beginnings. Ronnie legally adopted my daughter, Alex, in May of 2012. My son, Wesley, was nineteen at the time, which exceeded the age of adoption, but Ronnie and Wesley have bonded as father and son at heart, even in the absence of paperwork. What a blessing Ronnie is to my family! Ronnie and I stand together with thanksgiving and praise to our faithful, loving Father who continues to bring beauty from ashes.

To God be the Glory,

Ginger Hubbard

  1. Thank you for that explanation! I knew it shouldn’t be my business but as I have been reading “Heaven at Home” I kept trying to figure out the name change and the fact that this book is not mentioned on your website. You always point back to Christ and scripture so I wanted to trust that you would apply those fundamentals in your own life during a trying time. It actually made me start to pray for you 🙂 So far this book has been wonderful. I understand that it is intimately tied to your past and would be hard to put your new name to, but just the same, thank you for writing it! Take care and God bless you and your new life.

  2. Dear Ginger,
    I ordered Wise Words for Moms for the umpteenth time so I could give copies to the young mothers I’ll be addressing next week. They arrived today. I saw your new name. I am like the previous commenter: I wondered what had happened. I found your blog! Thank you for sharing!!
    I was in Sarasota at Calvery Chapel Christian School several years ago when you addressed the faculty and parents. The thing you said then that has been the most encouraging and sustaining truth in my relationships with young women is that what you teach is not based on your own authority or experiences, but on the truth found God’s beautiful, perfect, enlightening, satisfying Word.
    Thank you for your sustained voice to women in the Body of Christ!

  3. God bless you Ginger and continue to use your ministry.

  4. Dear Ginger,
    I saw you many years ago in Massachusetts at a homeschool conference. And since then I have used and shared one tool that I bought which had questions to ask as well as scripture to bring to them regarding different behaviors ie; lying cheating etc (sorry I don’t remember what it’s called). I have used it and shared it so much it’s worn out!
    All I knew was your former name so I’m thankful that you put out this message. I started to cry when I read it. I’m so sorry for your pain! But was so happy to hear that you’ve come out on the other side! After finishing this note I’m going to look for that tool to replace it and to give it to my son and his new wife who are expecting as part of a baby shower gift.
    I realize this post is old but it’s new to me. Thank you so much I can’t imagine how hard it was to even write that.
    I stopped after I read it and prayed for you and your family. I will try to remember to continue to do so!
    Your sister in Christ, Lynn Varney

  5. Dear Ginger, I too want to thank you for your testimony and holding fast to the truths of Scripture throughout times of deep suffering. What a good example you set for younger women. I love your book, Don’t Make Me Count to Three. I have bought many copies throughout the years to share with others. So thankful to God that He is our sufficient refuge and dependable strength in our times of trouble.

  6. Thank you for sharing, Ginger. I, as well as the last commenter, heard you at a homeschool fair. I was in Orlando, FL and your session gave me hope to raise my three kindergarten and under boys to be godly men. They all are. The oldest 26, then 24, then 22. Two are now professional basketball players and one is earning his doctorate in physical therapy at the moment. We never know the lives we will impact when we are faithful to God’s call on our lives! Keep sharing and keep walking in your anointing.
    God bless you and your entire family.❤️

  7. Thank you for sharing.

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