Guiltless Living

A Stinky State

My friend Marlo and I led a conference together in a state I will not name. We found out we are like oil and water when it comes to our responses to situations. Marlo goes with the flow, looks at the positive side of things, and remains cheerful in the midst of not-so-ideal circumstances. Me? Let’s just say I don’t. Tired from the long flight, I was critical of the town the minute we stepped off the plane. It was my first visit to this particular state and I was not impressed. I have encountered chicken houses, paper mills, and

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Is It Possible To Live Guilt Free?

Is It Possible To Live Guilt Free? For so long in my life, I struggled with trying to be a good Christian. Inevitably, I would blow it on a daily basis then proceed to beat myself up spiritually and emotionally. In setting my standards high for being what I perceived the perfect wife and mom, I chose the woman described in Proverbs 31 as my role model. On one particular morning, I remember reading about her and making unfavorable comparisons. She got up before it was still dark. I had rolled out of bed around 8:30 am. She was well

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