When God’s Answer to Prayer is not What You Wanted

When God's Answer to Prayer is not What You Wanted

After posting my last blog Prayers that Prevail, someone asked the question, “So, how would you respond to someone who prays for a loved one dying of cancer or for their marriage to be restored, and it doesn’t happen?” This is such a great question, one that probably crossed the mind of many people as they read the blog. So, I decided to write a follow up regarding my personal experience with this question in hopes it might be of encouragement. To someone who has prayed for a loved one dying of cancer to be healed or for their marriage

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Finding Joy in Grief

When I answered my cell phone the voice on the other end didn’t sound human. I could not decipher who it was. “Calm down and speak slowly,” I repeated to no avail. Finally, I recognized the desperate sobs of my sister-in-law, Gina. My face twisted in pain as I knew something terrible was about to rock my world. “Benji’s not breathing!” Gina wailed, “His body is blue and he’s not breathing!” “Oh! Jesus, please, Jesus!” my heart cried. “I’ll meet you at the hospital,” I told her through a tightened throat. As my vision blurred and my legs turned to

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