Dead Man’s Float

Dead Man's Float - Ginger Hubbard

Isn’t it amazing how people can experience a complete shift of emotions in the blinking of an eye? I vividly remember one of those moments fifteen years ago—the day I went from total contentment to total terror in a split second. It all started with, “Kids, grab the towels and sun screen! We’re gonna indulge in an all day relaxathon at the pool!” Squeals of delight echoed through the house as two over excited children danced a jig while changing into their swimsuits. As we climbed into the car, I noticed some intense conspiring going on between brother and sister.

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Taming the Tattletale

“Christopher’s not letting me play with the ball!” “Sarah’s calling me names!” “Tommy won’t let me in the bathroom!” Sound familiar? Tattling reigns as one of the most common behavior problems among siblings. Unfortunately, it is overlooked rather than dealt with properly in many homes. Parents often pardon rather than correct the tattler simply because they do not know how to deal with the issue. While some parents are frustrated with their inability to control the problem, others try to rationalize their decision to avoid correction. “After all,” reasons one parent, “if my child is doing something that he ought

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Whining: An American Epidemic

Mooooommyyyyyyy, I want some juuuuice… I don’t wanna go to sleeeeeeep…. I have to go to the baaathrooooooom… Is there anything more annoying than whining? Perhaps, but off the top of my head, I can’t think of it. I participated in a four-day interview with Dennis Rainey on FamilyLife Today concerning one my book Don’t Make Me Count To Three. During the course of the shows, a poll was conducted to help determine which behavior problem among children was most prominent in the home and the most difficult for parents to address. “Whining” took the poll by a landslide. In

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Finding Joy in Grief

When I answered my cell phone the voice on the other end didn’t sound human. I could not decipher who it was. “Calm down and speak slowly,” I repeated to no avail. Finally, I recognized the desperate sobs of my sister-in-law, Gina. My face twisted in pain as I knew something terrible was about to rock my world. “Benji’s not breathing!” Gina wailed, “His body is blue and he’s not breathing!” “Oh! Jesus, please, Jesus!” my heart cried. “I’ll meet you at the hospital,” I told her through a tightened throat. As my vision blurred and my legs turned to

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The High Calling of Motherhood

The High Calling Of Motherhood - by Ginger Hubbard

If I have to answer one more insignificant question, wipe one more runny nose, or bandage one more boo-boo today, I’m going to pull my hair out…and maybe the hair of whoever is standing close by also! “I’ve had it, kids! I’m going to soak in a hot bubble bath and I would strongly advise against any interruptions. Unless someone is dead or dying, do not knock on this door!” As I ease down into my vanilla scented-bubbles, I pray, “God, is this really what I’m supposed to be doing? I mean, don’t you have something really important for me

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