Episode 099 | Should Christians Celebrate Santa? [Best of 2021]

Air Date: December 6, 2022

Episode Description: Do you wonder whether or not Santa Claus will distract your kids from the true meaning of Christmas? Or do you wonder if your children will miss out on a special part of their childhood if you skip out on celebrating Kris Kringle? Join Ginger Hubbard and Katy Morgan as they offer some encouragement for those who may be on the fence as to whether or not they want Santa to be a part of their Christmas celebrations.


  • Questions to ask yourself regarding Christmas traditions:
    • WHY do you desire to include or not include Santa in your Christmas celebrations?
    • In what ways do your particular Christmas traditions enhance your kids’ understanding of who Christ is? 
    • In what ways do your particular Christmas traditions take away from their understanding of who Christ is?
    • Do you believe that celebrating Santa will deepen your relationships with your own children and their relationship with the Lord, or is Santa a distraction from those things?
    • If you choose to celebrate Santa with your family and follow that tradition to its logical conclusion, will it deepen your relationship with your children and their relationship with Christ? In other words, when your children inevitably find out that Santa isn’t real—or at least real in the way you might have depicted him to your kids—will this do them good, will it do them harm, or is it a neutral issue?

  • Questions that will help us ponder WHY we celebrate and WHO we celebrate when we include Santa in our Christmas celebrations: 
    • Is it important that we help our children properly discern truth from fiction early in their childhood, or can we allow them this season to believe in fictional stories? 
    • Do we teach our children that Santa is a God-like figure? In other words, do we lead our kids to believe that anyone outside of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent? 
    • Who do my children believe Santa to be, and will this further our efforts to reach their hearts for the glory of God?
    • Is there a discernible difference between lying (as condemned in the Bible) and perpetuating a fictional story with our kids for the sake of fun?
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